Relationship Advice: "Know yourself, find yourself before looking for a partner" – Majid Michel

Relationship Advice: "Know yourself, find yourself before looking for a partner" – Majid Michel


Majid Michelle gives relationship advice on Instagram

The Ghanaian actor says recognising one's weaknesses and strengths should come before falling in love.

Majid Michel is giving out some major words of wisdom on relationships and marriages.

In an Instagram post published on his February 1, 2017, the 36-year old advises on some aspects of relationships, the most prominent one being about self discovery before finding love.

In the insightful post Majid says, "you should build “YOU” before you ever think about building a marriage."


He goes further to say that when people use words such as ‘I cannot live without you’ and ‘I will die without you,’ they are not being romantic, but possessive.


"’I will die without you.’ ‘I cannot live without you.’ ‘If you go away, my world will crumble.’

"Who said these are romantic statements? Those statements are not romantic!" he emphasizes.

"They reflect an addictive dependency. Instead of being addicted to a substance, you are addicted to a person.

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"’I need a man.’ ‘I need a woman.’ No! You need God! And you need his holiness.

"God is saying, "please get your act together as an unmarried person. Get your standards and values settled.

"If you cannot control your emotions, your passions, your feelings, your attitudes, your bad habits or your behavior as you are single now, then you are not prepared for marriage.


"If you need to get married to be fulfilled or loved, you are not ready for marriage. The very thing that makes you need to get married will become the problem in your marriage.

"Men, before you go chasing a woman, make sure she is someone you can chase until death do you part.

"Discover yourself first. Know yourself and find yourself through Christ before you start looking for a partner.  All your secrets and depression and frustration and baggage and all your issues.

"If you look at yourself, you yourself will not want to take yourself home. Yet you want someone to take you home.

"I’m scared of anyone who is impatient for marriage. [Because you] are just a parasite looking for a host. Be an asset to your partner not a deficit," he concludes.

Majid Michel has been married to Virna Michel since 2005 and the couple even renewed their vows in 2015, the 10th anniversary of their wedding.

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